Recent Connecticut Youth Board activities and accomplishments…

  • Met with the commissioner about Normalcy
  • Drafted pamphlet for foster parent training involving normalcy, resources foster parents might not know about, reminder not to forget about engaging group homes
  • Were asked to develop a foster parent training
  • Every year we have foster parent recruitment panel, panel this year tailored to ‘what foster parents might want to know that they don’t know’
  • Higher risk populations: with substantial medical needs, adolescent Males, siblings
  • Fatherhood initiative, had sibling contact proposal that drew from language of the SBOR, press conference occurred around this
  • CT does not have a signing pending, but is talking about how implement SBOR by the end of the summer
  • Huge video craze with all the boards to raise awareness, talk of making a commercial for aire on TV, foster parent recruitment for teens
  • Working on foster parent work group
  • Working with judicial department in CT, trying to develop group to figure out what the youth are lacking with regard to educational stability, informing judges
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