Who We Are – Adult Supporters

These are our adult supporter ’point people’.  Each state determined one adult supporter who can be contacted with questions about the mission of NEYC.
  • Connecticut – Steve Gambee

    Steve is driven to help youth gain permanency and become self sufficient once they leave care. Steve is a big advocate for adolescents.  He wants to make sure youth know their rights and benefits while they are in care. During Steve’s tenure working in the adolescent unit, he is proud to have witnessed a wide variety of youth head on to college or vocational school with the assistance of DCF. Steve has been working for the CT Department of Children and Families for over 20 years. He has been an adolescent specialist in the New Britain Adolescent Unit for the past thirteen years. He has been the coordinator of the New Britain CT Youth Advisory Board for the past 7 years.

  • Maine – Dulcey Laberge

Dulcey Laberge

“I am inspired by our youth who become such effective and compassionate leaders.”

Dulcey Laberge has been the Youth Transition Specialist in Maine for the past 5 years, and has worked for Maine’s Office of Child and Family Services for the past 20 years.  Dulcey has worked with many youth in care and formerly in care on legislation and various policies.  Dulcey also supports the work of youth through Maine’s Youth Leadership Advisory Team (YLAT).

  • Massachusetts – Francesca Rogato

Francesca Rogato

I have been an Adolescent Outreach worker for the Malden Area office since 1996. My work as an Adolescent Outreach Worker for DCF has been a rewarding experience in working with youth ages 16-21 years old in foster care. I feel my role is a “special” role with youth because I can and have the time to work with youth individually once a week to help them achieve real life skills. It is rewarding to see a teen obtain a bank account, a driver’s license, their first job, write their first resume and apply to colleges. I feel very fortunate to be an Adolescent Outreach worker for DCF and part of the New England Youth Coalition to help spread the word of the achievements the youth and DCF as a State agency have accomplished.

  • New Hampshire – Traci Smiley

Traci Smiley

Traci is active, energetic, and enthusiastic.  She believes youth develop and sustain independence while maintaining supportive connections.  Traci is passionate about permanency.  She believes every DCYF youth should develop solid legal permanency and self-sufficiency plans.  As part of this role, Traci encourages youth to find/express their voice and take active roles in their case planning.  In addition, Traci facilitates the regional monthly Youth Advisory Board meetings, provides training to DCYF staff on topics related to adolescence, and is an active participant in the Permanency Round Table process.  Traci joined DCYF nearly 7 years ago.  Prior to that, Traci worked closely with DCYF through her employment with private, non-profit agencies providing services that actively worked to prevent youth from being removed from their families or helping to transition them from out of home placements starting in 1995.

  • Rhode Island – Kimberly Rose

Kimberly Rose

Kimberly has been steadfastly dedicated to improving the lives of Rhode Island’s most vulnerable youth: those involved with the child welfare system. When Kim was in the 5th grade her best friend ran away from home.  They are still friends to this day, and he takes sole credit for her becoming a social worker! Kimberly Rose is the Director of the Chafee Youth Services Center and the Executive Director at the RI Council of Resource Providers and has over two decades of professional experience in program development, youth engagement, and child welfare policy and practice. Ms. Rose also serves as the primary Adult Supporter to “The Voice”.  The Voice, is the RI Department of Children, Youth & Families’ (DCYF) identified youth leadership & advocacy board.  The Voice represents and advocates on behalf of youth in care and seeks to strengthen the voice and choice of young people.


  • Vermont – Anna Berg

    Anna Berg

    Anna Berg is an AmeriCorps VISTA serving as the Youth Leadership Coordinator of the Vermont Youth Development Program, a program which provides extended care services to youth in foster care.  Before joining the YDP team, Anna was a student at
    the University of New Hampshire who graduated with a degree in Family Studies, focusing on child advocacy and family policy. Anna believes that creating space for youth to speak out about their experiences and allowing them to be involved in the policy-making process is essential to creating improvements in the child welfare system. As the Youth Leadership Coordinator, Anna strives to help youth recognize their own potential and equip them with the skills necessary to be effective advocates and leaders and in their communities.