Who We Are – Youth

These are our youth ‘point people’.  Each state determined one youth member who can be contacted with questions about the mission of NEYC.
  • Connecticut – Alixes Rosado

    Alixes Rosado

    Alixes Rosado (23) has been involved with the CT Department of Children and Families since the age of six. Throughout his time in care he has seen the inside of group homes, youth shelters, and a number of foster homes. In spite of the adversity he has faced, Alixes has managed to overcome the odds. He is currently the chairman of his youth advisory board, a senior member of the New England Youth Coalition, and a 2012 graduate from the University of New Haven’s, criminal justice program. He is a single father, and a devoted advocate for the rights of all children in the foster care system. Alixes has experience testifying in front of both state and federal legislators and has a particular passion for the advocacy of children’s rights pertaining to post secondary education and sibling connections.

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  • Maine – Josh Calcia

  • Massachusetts – Camille McMullen

    Camille McMullen

    I am a proud supporter and member of The New England Youth Coalition since July 2011. I have been in foster care since I was 13 and while it’s true that I’m young and rebellious, everything I was taught shaped who I am today. I never had that person to fight for what I thought was wrong or right in foster care.  As a member of NEYC, I realize that I can now fight for the rights of current foster youth.  I was introduced to this group after being a youth leader for the Massachusetts Youth Summits since 2010 and being a member of the area office Youth Advisory Board. I have helped create a voice for foster youth through my Youth advisory boards.  Once our ideas are out there it travels regionally to the New England youth Coalition, where we as team can produce a real change for foster youth in six states!


  • Rick Curtis

    New Hampshire – Rick Curtis

I have been with NEYC over a year and half. I would have to say that I was drawn to NEYC because of the Sibling Bill of Rights and the work we are doing with permanence. I’ll go out of my way to make a difference and youth’s lives. Whatever I can do to make a difference, I’ll do it. I’m looking forward to writing some good material on the NH part of the website and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to contact me. Oh and I’m a huge sports fan, so don’t be afraid to tackle me with sports questions as well!


  • Rhode Island – Rodeline St. Felix

Rodeline St. Felix

Shortly after aging out of care, Rodeline was persuaded to join a small youth advisory board. It was through this advisory board that Rodeline discovered her passion for working with youth that have involvement with the foster care system.

Rodeline currently works as a direct care counselor for a network provider agency for RI DCYF, where daily she is able to witness and work with the youth directly. Through her work with THE VOICE, RI’s Youth Leadership Board, she is able to sit on numerous committees, where youth voice is the foundation and stepping stone to change.  She uses her personal and professional experiences as examples to youth that “we” are not simply “wards of the court/state, but we are a movement and a force to be reckoned with.  Rodeline believes you should use your voice, challenge yourself, and channel your emotions to positively and effectively encourage change in a growing developing system, a system we all owe and own.”

  • Vermont – TBD