New England Youth Coalition Code of Conduct Agreement

 I agree to be an advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. 

I agree to not only be a leader in the NEYC meetings, but in my state as well. 

I agree to participate in all of the activities NEYC has to the best of my ability. 

I agree to communicate with my adult supporter(s) and other members of NEYC. 


Answers for Youth Advocates:

Q: What do NEYC members consider to be the group’s biggest accomplishments to date?

Answer:  The Sibling Bill of rights is our biggest accomplishment to date. This Bill of rights represents a negotiated consensus among Commissioners and Directors, DCF Offices and youth in care from all the six New England States.

Q: Why did you decide to get involved?


"Prior to NEYC, I was involved in foster parent training and active on my state YAB.  I felt that I had done so much in my state, and I wanted to go to the next level." –Marie (MA)

"I thought the biggest way to create positive change was to be active in my state in NH and to learn what other states were working on.  I joined NEYC to work with other people who have similar goals of improving the foster care system." –Ricky (NH)

Q: What do you expect from us in between meetings?


Stay in touch with the person who brought you to that meeting, participate in monthly conference calls, and follow through on the tasks you committed to.

Communication is number one because we only meet in person a few times a year, so monthly conference calls are really important.

Q: What happens if you can’t make a conference call?


We understand not everyone can be on every call, things come up, that is life. However we do expect that if you are not on a call you make every effort to inform an NEYC Board or Senior Council Member, as well as at least one of your sub-committee co-chairman. You must also submit any work to be discussed on the call to one of your sub-committee co-chairman BEFORE the call. You must also obtain the notes from the call and send an email to all NEYC Board and Senior Council Members with your feedback.

Q: How/where do we share what we have been working on?

Answer: You’ll know what we’re working on if you participate in the monthly conference and listen to all the state updates.

Answers for Adult supporters:

Q: What are the general expectations for adult supporters?


  • be supportive of ideas of NEYC members
  • maintain positive attitudes about the work NEYC does
  • be connected to your local youth advisory board, state child welfare agency, or NEACWCD

Q: How involved are adult supporters supposed to be, in terms of keeping youth up on their obligations?

Answer: It's essential that youth maintain the lead role but can get the occasional “push” as needed by the Adult supporter.

Q: How involved are adult supporters generally, in terms of participation in workgroups and speaking up at meetings and on conference calls?


"As an Adult supporter, I believe we are making a commitment to be involved in person, on conference calls and at events. In regards to participation: it is a youth driven Coalition. I think it needs to be run and heavily driven by the youth.  That means they run and move the topics and events forward with support from the adults who are equipped with many resources." - Francesca (MA)

Q: What general responsibilities regarding attendance of meetings, including paperwork and correspondence, are handled by adult supporter?


  • Adult supporters should maintain contact with their state’s youth leaders at least monthly outside conference calls & meetings.
  • attend and participate in NEYC meetings
  • participate on NEYC conference calls
  • assist NEYC members from your state with outreach efforts to NEYC members & adult allies in other states
  • keep an eye open for any prospective NEYC members in your home state with a commitment to the work we do
  • be on one sub-committee of priority topics of NEYC and complete assigned sub-committee tasks
  • take part in rotating conference call facilitation twice a year
  • communicate the work of NEYC to local youth boards and state agencies
  • responsible for reviewing current and upcoming legislation and policy research

Q: If/when the adult supporter changes roles, what are the expectations for how NEYC will be informed?  Can this person be anyone in Youth Development from the state?


"I believe it would be best for that person to attend the final meeting (in person) or on a conference call with the “new” Adult supporter to transition the group in a smoothly fashion.  I also suggest that the NEW Adult supporter be someone who is “recommended” by the former supporter leaving. This way they can be a “guide” for the new supporter and be able to give in-depth advice and support about the NEYC and its role." - Francesca (MA)

Q: What is the best way for adult supporters to recruit youth to join NEYC?  How can adult supporters best describe NEYC to potential youth, and how can they best prepare youth for their first meeting?


An Adult supporter’s best source of recruitment are the youth the adult support recommends based on the length of time the adult has known and has worked with the youth because a relationship already exists and trust is already established.  The “AS” (adult supporter) can best describe NEYC as a “unique role for a youth to represent their individual state and meet with other New England youth, that we discuss what is the same and not the same with each state and how we can share our information to give the youth in foster care the best opportunities as they have and are experiencing foster care." - Francesca (MA)

Q: Are there requirements youth must meet in order to join?  Age range, experience, etc

Answer: Youth interested in NEYC should be 16 or older, have out-of-home living experience, be a member of your local youth advisory board, have a passion to better the foster care system!

Q: If youth stop coming to meetings, are they able to start up again?

Answer: Yes, a youth should be able to return if they want to.